Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Hypocrisy of the West

Reports are flooding out of China today that the cute little 5 year old girl who sang the Chinese anthem during the Opening Ceremonies was only lip-synching. The actual singer was a 7 year old girl, but because she had chubby cheeks and uneven teeth, she was not considered pretty enough to be on TV.

And the West is just outraged by this. Outraged!

And I'm like... you hypocritial pieces of sh*t!

Try to become a cheerleader in any school in the USA, from Podunk High to the swankiest of the swank. If you're not beautiful, thin and sleek, you'd be laughed off the tryout stage. And if someone did give you a chance to become a cheerleader, you'd be laughed off the field by the beer-soaked audience that only want to see pretty girls jumping around.

Anyone watch the women's beach volleyball at these Olympics. Tall, beautiful women (plain women learn very early not to push themselves forward, no one wants to see them), wearing the skimpiest of bikini bottoms to make sure the guys in the audience and TV can get a good look. If there was any competitive advantage to wearing such skimpy outfits, you know the guy's be wearing the same stuff, but do they? Of course not. Long shorts and t-shirts. But at least they are "muscle" shirts so the women in the audience can get a look at their arms...

What kind of reality shows do we get here in the USA? Women subjecting themselves to plastic surgery in order to look beautiful, over and over again because all it needs is for one guy to say they don't look perfect and back under the knife they go..."How TO Look GOod Naked" in which lots of overweight women are given validation for their lives and appearances by a gay guy, well, at least that's better than having to get validation for your existence from a straight guy...

This little Chinese incident has only brought home what should be clear to everyone in the world - women are under fire. THey are viewed everywhere as little more than sex objects. Oh, they have more freedom in the West, but that's just a bandaid over the constant brainwashing they get to be everything a man wants them to be...

And I would really, really, really like to know what is being done to find Afghan athlete Mehbooba Andyar. Afghanistan's only female athlete who was to have gone to the Olympic games. Despite the fact that she wears clothing from head to toe and that stupid burhka on her head, fundamentalist muslims in Afghanistan still called her a whore and a disgrace to Islam.

She disappeared in July from her training facility, and what I want to know is, why isn't the entire Olympics organization trying to find this woman? Is anyone trying to find her?

And doesn't this just point out the evil of fundamental Islam, that women who simply want to run and jump and feel like human beings can be kidnapped, probably raped, and murdered, and no one cares because, after all, they're just women?

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