Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Speaking of Iraq Refugees

Apparently, and I've actually heard this from more than one source, any Iraqi who helps Americans in Iraq is targeted by the various terrorist organizations there, and they and their families are frequently killed.

Iraqi interpreters are one target, and apparently our government s doing very little to help these people, who put their trust in us to keep them safe.

So a GI has taken it into his own hands, and there's an article on it here (from Nov 2007):
Iraqi family thankful for haven in South Salem: Oregon Guard captain helped interpreter and his family escape threats to their lives in Baghdad

I know I spoke disparagingly of Iraqi refugees coming to the States a few entries ago,..but that was more the fact that we just don't have tyhe money to assimilate all the Iraqis into our country - we're having a bad enough time with the Somalis sent to Minnesota (look, ma, five feet of freezing cold snow! Why are we here?)

It's all about money..and bringing refugees over here and then dumping them on local governments to take care of, when they don't have the resources to do it. So we get the enclaves or ghettos, and the gangs of teens, and the violence, etc. etc.

I don't know the solution. We need money spent EFFICIENTLY, which is something I don't think the government, regardless of the political party in charge, is capable of doing.

We need religous people - Christians, Jews and Muslims - converted to atheism, but yes, I know that ain't gonna happen real soon. But frankly, I think atheism is the only way to save the human race. After 5000 years, religion has only brought us closer and closer to the brink of all out war.

Sad, sad world.

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