Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tea-partyers Must Learn From the Plight of the American Indian

The above cartoon was written by someone named Lalo Alcaraz. I don't know what paper it appears in, I read it at Yahoo's comics page.

The inference of the comic is, I think, that the Tea Partyers have no right to whine and cry about "wanting their country back" because they're hypocrites - and because "they" stole this country from the Indians.

I submit that there should be a different interpretation. The plight of the American Indian - confined to reservations (now) by their own choosing, 80% unemployment on some reservations, alcoholism rife, and the loss of their particular patch of country (for various tribes of Indians were scattered throughout the North American continent) - is one that all Americans need to look at and understand.

Native Americans lost their land for one reason - they did not secure their borders. Caucasians - Spanish and French first, then the English, came in and took over - and they did it by force. The various Indian tribes hated each other and would not band together to fight off the enemy. So, they lost their country.

Now, is it hypocritical [as the cartoon tries to imply] for Americans today - perhaps ancestors of those original "illegal immigrants" - to be angry as they see their country, the country of the last 200 years, the United States of America, one that encompasses the entire country and has laws that encompass the entire country - being taken over by a new wave of illegal immigrants? Illegals who are taking over not by force, but by economic pressure and the forces of liberalism?

I submit that today's Americans - a melting pot of every region's people that has ever come here - have no reason to feel guilty for what their ancestors did 200 years ago, when life was extremely different to what it is today. (And when millions and millions of dollars have been paid out in re-payment of the land, if not the lifestyle, which is gone forever, and just needs to be accepted. Time to move on.)

But one lesson remains the same.

The Indians lost their culture, their language and their ways because they could not secure their borders. The "illegal immigrants" of that time, if you want to call them that, took that all away by force.

The culture and country that replaced it was one where everyone spoke English, immigrants who came here melted into the pot and also spoke English. (Yes, Asians and blacks who could not melt had hard times, but I'm trying to make a point here. At least the Asians learned how to speak English and we don't have an Asionics. And today they are very successful - although losing ground now that more and more Asians of the illegal variety are coming in....and we're getting gangs and so forth.

The culture of the United States, honed over 200 years, the language of the United States - English - all of it are in danger of being destroyed by a new invasion.

If we (Americans of all races, creeds and colors with perhaps two things holding us together - a knowledge of English and a belief that we should all stand on our own two feet and make our way in the world) do not want to see our culture destroyed, we need to stop illegal immigration now.

Don't misunderstand me. It only makes sense for people to want to come to the US, the greatest country in the world. Who could begrudge people that?

But it's all about economics. We're a bankrupt country as it is - we simply don't have the money to keep putting our own citizens on welfare, let alone illegal immigrants. At one point people were ashamed to be on welfare (much as women were ashamed to be unwed mothers [as opposed to divorced mothers]), now a majority of people go on welfare as a matter of course and don't bother to fight their way off it. And why should they, if that welfare will always be there - which is what the Democrats want. As for unwed mothers, nowadays that's a badge of honor. Not loveable enough to get married, but at least a guy wanted to sleep with me, and see, I have proof, here's my kid. Now, where's my welfare check?

Immigrants should come to this country legal, in batches so that they can be integrated into our culture.

Anything else is sheer lunacy, like continuing to pour water into a bucket that's already full.

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