Monday, January 11, 2010

Making Money Out of Victim Hood

These women deserve to be ridiculed and laughed at, not made to look like victims who deserve sympathy.

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress lands TV project
A woman who alleges she had an affair with shamed golf star Tiger Woods is extending her 15 minutes of fame - by teaming up with another self-proclaimed "mistress" for a new TV project.

Jamie Jungers came forward last year with allegations the sports star seduced her at a party in 2005 and subsequently struck up an illicit 18-month affair with her.

She is now said to be making plans with Sarah Symonds, who went public with her own claims of an affair with British TV chef Gordon Ramsay last year, for a TV project to help women stuck in "bad relationships with married men."

Symonds, who runs a support group for needy women, wants to film a TV special with Jungers to help raise awareness of the issue.

She tells New York Post gossip column PageSix, "I run a group called Mistresses Anonymous. It's the only support group for women who are in bad relationships with married men. I have been talking to Jamie about getting her involved.

"Ideally what I'd like to do is a TV special with all of Tiger's mistresses, where they could discuss the downside to being 'the other woman,' and whether he was good in bed."

Woods' relationship with his wife, Elin Nordegren, came under the spotlight in November after a string of alleged mistresses came forward with stories of secret trysts with the golf star. Woods later admitted his "infidelity". The couple married in 2004 and has two children.

Why do women who are in "bad relationships with married men" need support? If they get involved with a married man, they have no rights. He's married. Deal with it. If he promises to divorce his wife to marry them...wait until he's divorced his wife before you start having sex with the guy. Then you'll see how quickly that divorce comes through , and if it never does, you know he's lying!

In the same way that women throughout history have been victimized by men, by having sex before marriage, and then getting dumped by the man, so they either had to give the baby away or raise it as their own to the scorn of the rest of the world. And frankly, I blame the girls who were told that they shouldn't have sex before being married... but they just couldn't wait...

(And no, I'm not saying that women today should wait until after marriage to have sex. I'm just saying that they should use condoms and the pill, (the boots and braces philosophy) to ensure that they dont' have children. If they want children, they should be in a committed relationship. Because as statistics show, single parents - if the parent is female - are typically poorer than couples with kids, and the child suffers accordingly. Not to mention the welfare the woman gets... which comes out of the taxpayer's pocket.

Of course there are always exceptions to every rule...but I'll reiterate that a married man's mistress deserves no sympathy whatsoever. If he's married, she's got no business messing with him until he gets a divorce. (And then of course she can spend her time wondering if he's going to cheat on her, next.)

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