Friday, December 11, 2009

Did Tiger Woods Want to Get Caught?

I didn't bother to read any of the Tiger Woods coverage for the longest time...I dont' really care about Tiger Woods or what he does, what had me disgusted was how all his mistresses were suddenly coming out of the woodwork...eager to cash in on this opportunity to get 7-figure payouts for their sleazy stories.

Of course it turns out their speed was probably a good thing. As more and more of 'em come out into the open, the size of their payouts will probably diminish... of course they will probably get together and file a class action lawsuit against Tiger for not paying them all equally, or something...

Today, I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show and he pointed out that a new "madame" had come forward and said that Tiger liked threesomes, and had paid one woman $15,000 for her services over a period of time.

And I"m just thinking to myself... was he trying to get caught?

Because he's an intelligent guy... or at least he sounds intelligent... why get married if you have no intention of not being a faithful husband? He was rich enough to be able to afford a cook and a maid and a laundress, so he didn't need a "free" one - which is what a wife is, eh? So he could have had three women in his very own house to service him... kind of like James Coburn's Derek Flint's harem in In Like Flint in the 1960s.

But why have so many mistresses and prostitutes? The more people of that nature you have, the more chances someone is going to spill the beans!

Of course what boggles my mind, among other things, is that Tiger actually paid for sex. I've never understood why men pay for sex. Doesn't that destroy their egos, to know that they can't get sex from a woman unless they pay for it? But for Tiger, actors, and athletes, with women throwing themselves at them all the time?

Of course the accepted logic is that men like Tiger pay for sex because they don't want a casual one-night stand woman to delude herself into thinkig she meant more to Tiger than that, and try to blackmail him to leave his wife and be faithful to her. Whereas girls you pay, know you're paying them for sex and that's it.

Another thing Limbaugh said was that Tiger had sex without protection - ie without a condom. If so, that's downright criminal and he should go to jail just for that. In the first place of course, it's stupid. Has Tiger never heard of Jason Caffey, or Shawn Kemp each of whom has over 9 illigemate children by different mothers? And never mind the illegitimate child issue. How many of these women would have had sexually transmitted diseases that he, in turn, could have passed on to the little woman at home? Or even AIDs?

(As an aside, Sports Illustrated did a story about athletes and their predeliction to procreate like rabbits.

Nearly one-third of all children in this country are born to unwed mothers. But this week, Sports Illustrated reports that among professional athletes out-of-wedlock births are epidemic. And of athletes in the major sports leagues, those in the NBA appear to have the greatest number of cases. According to SI, one of the NBA's top agents says he spends more time dealing with paternity claims than he does negotiating contracts. The agent tells the magazine that there might be more kids out of wedlock than there are players in the NBA. According to Sports Illustrated, Larry Johnson of the Knicks is supporting five children by four women, including two he has with his wife, and Shawn Kemp of the Cavaliers, who is not married, has fathered seven children. Other NBA players who have been the subject of paternity-related lawsuits include Patrick Ewing, Juwan Howard, Scottie Pippen, Jason Kidd, Stephon Marbury, Hakeem Olajuwon and Gary Payton, as well as Larry Bird, who is now the coach of the Pacers, and current NBC game analyst Isiah Thomas.

In other sports, baseball's Gary Sheffield and Juan Gonzalez, along with former greats Jim Palmer, Steve Garvey and Pete Rose, have been hit with paternity suits. The NFL names include Andre Rison and Alonzo Spellman; hockey, Mark Messier; boxing, Oscar de la Hoya; and tennis, Roscoe Tanner.

Read the oomplete article here:

Of course the article doesn't explain the real reason why athletes have more illegitmate kids than anyone else - they're too stupid to wear condoms. And the woman in question "saw them coming" as the saying goes. Because even once a mulit-millionaire athlete's career is over and he's making nothing, apparently the support payments have to continue as if he still did have that income...which seems pretty stupid.

And finally,there's the issue of Tiger's wife.

According to Limbaugh, Tiger's wife is still with him, and they're going to go together on a cruise.

If that's the case, the woman is a fool - and a gold digger - and deserves scathing comments heaped on her head.

The guy cheated on you - not with one mistress, not with two... but with dozens. And not only mistresses but for prostitues hired for the occasion - sometimes two at a time!

He's not worth being married to. Take your pre-nup and get out now, with the kids.

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