Friday, November 13, 2009

Please don't let Sarah Palin be the next Presidential candidate

I am really tired of this woman...

I'm a Republican, and a woman, and would very much like to see a competent woman as our next President...what a fist in the eye of radical Muslims that would be.

But Sarah Palin?

She's got a new book out, in which she details "tension" in the camp with McCain.

Now, the McCain/Palin campaign was one of the worst-run campaigns either, and you've got to blame McCain for that.

But what I want to know is...why was his choice of running mate delayed for so long. For that matter, why is any Presidential candidate's choice of running mate delayed for so long? Surely, these VP candidates should not only be vetted, but also *talked to*, for months in advance, not just picked out of the air in hopes of giving someone a political advantage.

The whole election system, not to say political systesm, in the USA has to be cleaned up. It never will be of course, as the crooks are firmly entrenched...

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