Monday, October 5, 2009

Father drowned trying to save others, son succeeds

This is a great story...this guy -- and the men who teamed up together to help him -- are heroes.

LITHIA SPRINGS, Georgia (CNN) -- As Zack Stephney stepped into the floodwaters last week, history washed over him.

Thirty years after his father drowned in a rescue attempt, Zack Stephney helped save a woman whose car sank.

The youngest of five children, he was only 8 when his father died.

For three decades, he'd carried with him mere snapshots of memories: Family time at Christmas. Riding on the back of Dad's motorcycle. Tommie Stephney's love for drag-racing.

But as the 37-year-old Douglasville, Georgia, man set out September 22 to try and save a woman whose car was swept away by rushing waters, he thought of his father's drowning. He, too, had fought to rescue people struggling against currents.

That was in 1979.

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