Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Mark Sanford Question

Mark Sanford, the governor of South Carolina, turned down Obama's stimulus money for his state, because of the strings he knew were attached. The guy was a hero...he was primed to run for the 2012 nomination.

Then he pulls a disappearing act. He's hiking the Appilachian trail by himself. His wife doesn't know where he is. His aides don't know where he is, he hasn't been in touch. Then... no, he was actually unwinding in Argentina.

Democrats and some Republicans are saying this was an incredibly stupid thing to do, and that he's torpedoed his chance for the nomination. Others (and I wonder if Limbaugh is among them - I'm currently in a location that doesn't get his show)are saying its no big deal and the Dems are just trying to cause trouble.

My own opinion? The guy's an idiot. If he *was* in touch with his wife and aides all the time, why not say so? Why all the secrecy - which gave the impression that the government of South Carolina was just plain incompetent. It was like the Flyover of New York that caused so much panic. The police knew, but they weren't allowed to tell anyone. That made a heckuva lot of sense.

If Stanford wanted to go away, fine. Just have his press corp say - he's somewhere unwinding. We know where he is but we're not giving out his location.

That would have been 100% better than what did happen.

I frankly wouldn't ever vote for the guy - except perhaps of it was only a choice between him or Obama. If it wasn't stupidity, then there was something fishy going on. But how it was handled was still stupid. You don't say, "We don't know where he is but he does this quite a bit and we're not worried." No, even if that's the truth , you say, "He's taking a break and doens't want the press following him. We know where he is, that's all that matters."

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