Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Ad "demeaning to women"?

Women are outraged and saying so here:

The problem with this ad is of course that Palin has more experience with just about everythign than Obama does.

But there are women who are going to vote for Obama, apparently - Erica Jong and Jane Fonda among them.

Erica Jong is the woman who told an Italian paper that if Obama doesn't win, a second Civil War will break out and American streets will run with blood.

And it's certainly true that many neighborhoods will be bracing for riots...whether or not Obama wins or loses. Whether it'll be racially motivated is another question... any city that wins a sports championship usually gets its share of riots as people like to indulge in their love of destruction....

But one does wonder.... A lot of black political supporters of Hilary jumped ship for Obama. Did they do it because they thought he was the better choice... or because they received phone calls informing them if they didn't support the brother their homes would be burnt down?

If Obama gets elected...we're headed for socialism and "spreading the wealth." (Except, remember that wealth won't come out of Obama's pocket. No money for his half brother in Kenya who lives on a dollar a month, no money for his aunt in Boston who lives in a slum.... but he is "his brother's and sister's keeper."

I don't need anyone to "keep" me, thank you very much. I can stand on my own two feet.

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